It’s almost unheard of to hit rock bottom in your teenage years but for me, I sunk hard. When I was 18, I weighed over close to 145 kilos and was a size 26 (I had jeans that were a size 30). So while my clothing size was hitting a huge high my self esteem and confidence was at an all time low.  I barely went out, refusing to go to clubs with my friends.

My lightbulb moment came to me in a Marketing class at University. While ignoring the lecturer, I was flicking through CLEO magazine and came across an article about “gym etiquette.” While I had never set foot in a gym before in my life, I read on with interest, trying to picture all the scenarios readers had sent in to the magazine. Then I thought about it, surely a gym couldn’t be that scary? They all did it on the Biggest Loser (awful, I know) and if they could do it, surely, I could. So I did. I signed up at Fernwood Fitness in 2007 and started to finally love my body. Within years I had lost weight and finally fit into “normal clothing stores” at a size 16.

So welcome to my blog, Fitness and Twenties. The name is pretty much self explanatory, I’ll be blogging about all things fitness related as I continue into my mid to late twenties. Whether this be my anger at fad diets that are taking the world by storm, awesome gym clothes that I (and my readers, I’m sure..) must get and also just plain old stories about the gym. Stay with me for the read and happy reading.