Part 2 with Tash

As you were losing weight, were there times when you felt like reaching your goal weight felt almost impossible, or too hard? Did you ever think about giving up?
Not necessarily. Ever since my weight journey began, I was always realistic about my body shape and my naturally gifted curves. I think so many young women are blindsided and driven by what society  ‘teaches’ us what to look like, how to dress, how thin you need to be in order to fit in. The truth of the matter is that for me, regardless of how much weight I lost, I always knew that I would never look like your typical skinny minny. Instead, I chose a celebrity that had the SAME body shape as me and strived to be driven by her and her successes. By doing that, I NEVER WANTED to give up.

Did you reward yourself at anytime as you reached “milestones” in your weight loss journey
I did. Rewarded myself with new clothing, a new hairstyle, and a ‘cheat’ meal once a week. (Not McDonalds, more like a homemade pizza!)

What made you want to become a personal trainer?
I had no intentions of becoming a personal trainer, until roughly 6-8 months of my own personal journey. Something came alive in me and I thought ‘if I can make such a change and such a difference in my life, I can absolutely do this and assist others with their struggles and their fitness goals’. For once I my working career, I feel as though this industry has come to me and has found me. For once I’m not settling for just ‘a job’. It’s quite beautiful actually.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a personal trainer?
I think every trainer would agree – RESULTS. The first thing that would come to your mind would be ‘oh yeah weight loss’. When I talk results, I mean yes physically but MOST importantly attaining the results that CAN change your entire life. Every individual can lose weight, but can everybody be happy and content at the same time? No. And that’s the best part of my job. It really speaks for itself.

Do you find that you can relate to your clients sometimes as you have been through the same journey they are going through?
Each and every time! This is the advantage I hold within this industry. When clients SEE a transformation, nothing motivates them more.

What is your training “philosophy”?
Keep it simple! The more we complicate things for our clients the higher the expectations and the higher chance of failure and de motivation. Two key things you DO NOT want a client to experience. The other key ingredient to my training philosophy is building RAPPORT. Between both yourself and the client; Always!!

On Fernwood’s Facebook page, I noticed you said posting the photo of your “before” picture was hard, why is that?
The most difficult thing I have ever experienced in my life. Not because of what I looked like, but more because the emotional pain this causes each time I see it. To a point, I will never escape that feeling…



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